My Beau Dog Vitamin&Mineral

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A supplement for cats & dogs and birds to improve skin & coat condition, immunity, digestion, overall health & fur balls in cats. MyBeau offers a unique blend of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids while also providing the important water (B Vitamins) and fat soluble (A, D, E Vitamins) at 99.5% absorption rates. This means that the nutrients that are provided in MyBeau are absorbed straight into your pets' bloodstream, therefore offering superior health benefits often seen within days of feeding. MyBeau also contains flavourings of yeast, meat & garlic for high palatability

Use MyBeau Cat & Dog for:

  • Improvements in health/vitality (improved immunity)

  • Improved skin coat condition

  • Improved digestion of nutrients‍MyBeau Cat & Dog benefits:

  • Quality/high absorption rates (99.5% absorption rates)

  • Scientifically formulated and tested by Industry Professionals ( Massey University)

  • High palatability (garlic and meat flavours)

  • Contains human grade ingredients


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