Luxury Duvet Bed,Mint Green and Grey-Skipper&Bingo

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Skipper&Bingo  duvets are handy and great for all toy,small and medium breeds but especially for those darlings who like to sleep or relax somewhere close to you. S&B luxury duvets are very versatile and can be used on their own as a fashionable style bed, as a cushion with mat,in a dog crate,next to your bed or in your children's room.  Our dog duvets have zippers and are fully machine washable which makes caring for them really simple. You can either remove the outer covers to wash them or wash the complete bed if required.As you would expect from Skipper&Bingo, our dog duvets  have been carefully selected for quality and durability. The materials used to make the duvet beds are typically quality plush ,so are very relaxing and comfortable, not only that but the fillings are quite unique too.  Our duvet bed moulds to your dog’s body, providing them with optimum support and comfort.  This enhanced support is perfect for puppies,adolescent,adult and senior dogs. S&B duvet bed is purr-fect for kittens and cats. M SIZE (Chihuahua,yorkshire Terrier,Pomeranian,Shih-Tzu,Pug,Poodle,French Bulldog,Cocker Spaniel,Beagle,Cats and Alike)

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