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Vitapol Economic Food for Guinea Pigs is a wholesome diet for your pet guinea pig. Vitapol Economic Guinea Pig Food is a nutritionally complete vitamin and mineral fortified blend of hand-selected fresh ingredients formulated to help your pet guinea pig flourish. Meadow hay enriched pellets, vegetables such as carrots, beet roots and parsnips meet your pets daily nutritional needs while providing them with the stimulation they require. Vitapol Economic Food ensures your fibrevore’s diet is a balanced one, after all a healthy guinea pig is a happy guinea pig!



  • Vitapol Economic Guinea Pig Food consists of wholesome granules that provide all the necessary ingredients for your small pet.

  • Presence of vegetables like carrots, beets and parsnips provide complete nutrition to guinea pigs.

  • Carotene contained in carrots provide protection against harmful free radicals.

  • Pasternak in this guinea pig diet lowers blood pressure, prevents kidney stones and gallstones.

  • Vitapol guinea pig food contains valuable Vitamin C and B and mineral salts.

  • Linden twigs care to guinea incisors undergoing regular wear.

  • Bean flakes in this guinea pig feed, are an important source of digestible and valuable proteins necessary for proper growth.


Wheat bran, grass meal, sunflower extracted meal, alfalfa meal, wheat, barley, oat groats, corn, carob, dehydrated carrot, dehydrated parsnip, dehydrated beetroot, wheat flakes, corn flour, bean flakes, flax seed, rye bran, redcurrant, beet pulp, oats, dehydrated carrot flour.

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