Skipper & Bingo

Stemming from an educational background, we are keen on making people aware about the needs of their fur friends. To do the same, we ideated a venture that would cater to every pet lover and their dearest pets. 


Learning that a lot of our near and dear ones were keen on keeping a pet, but were not apprised of the dos and don’ts to keep their pets happy. Thus, we came up with Skipper and Bingo, which is a heartfelt dedication to our beloved pets, who have inspired us to care for all of the adorable pet pals. With every woof and purr, we hope to make the world a better place for them by providing the highest quality pet goods available. 


We are duly aware that pet wisdom is not a result of informative influx, but a lifelong attempt to be around your fur friend forever. We aspire to be more informatory with our vision to make your pets lead a happy life. To nurture the same vision, we stand apart from every other pet venture in terms of informative pet care. Treating your pet right should not just be a product of your emotions, but also the knowledge to care for them righteously, since pet care is the greatest responsibility that one can take up.