Ultimate Guide on How to Keep Your Pets Engaged This Winter

Nothing is better during winter than cozying up with your pets. But we know! Pet parent responsibilities entail more than just comforts. 

When pets are kept indoors, it is significant that they use their piled-up energy. Engaging in recreational activities helps your pet against aggressive behaviors like rigorous chewing in dogs or excessive lethargy among cats. 

Here are tips to help you keep your pets entertained and active this winter.

Buy Them Cat Toys, Dog Toys, and Pet Puzzles

That’s a no-brainer! Every pet loves to hop around the house with their favorite toys. Will your pooch enjoy a Kong Wiggi cow? Or is a Lion Plush Toy more of his vibe? 

Identify your pets’ likings and bring them a pet toy that sustains their interest. Getting new cat toys or dog puzzles adds excitement to your pet’s routine. But what if they get bored?

Increase The Variety of Indoor Games

Spice things up by making their playtime more vibrant and holistic. If your house has enough space, get all goofy with fetch, tug or hide and seek. Stimulate your pet’s senses by asking them to find dog treats hidden in the various corners of the room. 

If your pet is an active kid, ensure rewarding him the right way. From chopped carrots to chicken dog treats, all pets love that extra pat on the back! 

Build a Stronger Relationship 

Winters is a time to formulate healthy habits with your loved ones. And who keeps you company better than a pet? 

Build a little cardboard wall at the door to teach your kitten to jump higher. Or construct the ideal playing spot by throwing in some mats, blankets, and dog toys. Show your pets that you cherish their presence. That brings us to our next tip!

Involve pets in your everyday activities

Winters are difficult for your pet and the best you can do is spend quality time with them. From holding regular grooming sessions to keeping their fur clean, you do your best. But what next?

Involve pet pals in your daily chores. Cleaning the wardrobe? Get your kitten to fetch their cat toys from under the pile. Stuck on a work-from-home task? Play a dog IQ quiz for them while you finish up your work.


Ultimately, just keep rewarding your pets for simply getting through the chilly waves. And while they’re high on the activity, don’t forget to treat them. From cat food, wet or dry, or yummy chewy dog treats, pamper them with only the best!