Tips to make winters more comfortable for your dog

The season of cool breezes and warm brews has finally arrived, and it’s important to level up our self-care routines. It is true that winters bring a sense of warmth that’s only meant to be embraced but what’s also true is that this sense of warmth is enclosed in the aspect of care. One often associates care with the winter season, just as the act of stepping off some crunchy leaves is associated with the autumn season.

With the aspect of care established as elemental to winters, care towards your furry friends becomes important too. Here are a few tips to help you level up your dog’s care routine during the winter season:

Some weeks into the winter season would definitely compel you to skip and postpone a few of your dog’s bathing sessions. Waterless dry shampoos can help you fix this issue of hygiene, intrinsic and natural to the winters, while pet wipes can be used to clean your dog’s eyes and ears conveniently.  

If you are putting up stories in your favourite woollens using “sweater weather” as the audio, why not include your dogs as well in this jovial gesture to mark the arrival of the season? Keep your doggos warm and snug by layering them up in their favourite woollens so that they are protected from catching a cold.

Just as your walks and strolls in the park might result in dry and itchy skin, your dogs similarly can get dry paws due to the cold, so it is therefore always a good idea to use disposable boots when taking your dogs outside for quick exercise. Moisturizing your pet’s paws using the paw care lotion is another pertinent step to keep your dog comfortable during this season.

Dogs love to nap every now and then but the cold floors can prove to be uncomfortable for your pet dogs, it is therefore always better to place comfy mats and luxurious beds in all their favourite nooks for them to rest peacefully. This will also prevent them from falling sick during the winter season.

With these tips in mind, winters for you and your furry mate would be as warm as a lovely cup of hot chocolate with roasted marshmallows! Happy Winters!