Tick, Flea, mites in monsoon: Prevention & Cure 


If you find your pet constantly scratching themselves this monsoon season, know that those creepy-crawly ticks and fleas have set foot into your house. These are primarily parasites that latch onto your pet's skin and transmit various diseases. Infestation of these parasites for your dog and cat during the monsoon season becomes more promising due to the wet and humid weather. 


How to spot them


Spotting these pests is very easy. First, keep an eye on your pet for constant itchiness and scratching around the head and ears. Rashes or red bites on their skin are also signs of these pests. The most common places for these parasites to grow are under the neck, under the limb and behind the ears, generally the areas where your pets can't reach. 

Also, even if you spot a single tick in your home, be aware the monsters have arrived. 


Preventive Plans


You can take up some prevention methods starting with keeping your home clean. Fleas or mites are often present in carpets and rugs. Vacuuming them once a week can reduce their numbers. Try to keep the areas where your pets rest or spend most of the time clean and dry. Wash their bowls for pet food, beddings and cat and dog accessories in hot water to keep them pest-free. 

Another good prevention step would be to give your pet a nice brush every time they come home from their walks so that they don't carry any pests inside. 


Address infestation with a cure 


If the initial stages of infestation have passed, it's time for some curable techniques. A few home remedies that tend to work on ticks and fleas would be a fresh paste of neem leaves; you can apply it to your pet's skin rashes. Spraying tobacco water on their fur also helps to remove these pests. Finally, look for anti-tick and flea pet supplies like shampoo, spray and powder. Good brands like Out! Natural Flea and Tick Spray work wonders on this kind of infestation and provide relief to your pets.


So, this monsoon season, take extra care of your pet's hygiene and keep them safe from unwanted pests and remorse diseases.