Summertime safety tips for walking your dog

Summer will Sizzle, but My Tail will Continue to Wiggle: Safe Summer Walks Tips for your pet

New levels of soaring temperatures have started to define our everyday life. Imagine having your daily life dictated by the changing seasons, even more than your Boss! Summer season is when you finally want to find a getaway with your family and pawsome friends. A day full of playing fetch and leisure-filled strolls in the park makes your day a delight while keeping your pet's adrenaline rush going. Keeping a check on their unspoken feelings of discomfort is necessary! The unpredictable temperatures shouldn't be the reason why your pet dogs continue to be behind closed doors at all times.

Here are a few tips to make your dog's summertime walks safe and adventurous:

1. Hydration is the Key
Just as you set reminders to consume 3-4 litres of water a day, it is essential to keep your dogs hydrated throughout the day as well. A water bowl is always present at home but can be a hassle to carry outside. Buying a portable or collapsible water bowl is a wise investment and makes your walks hassle-free and water consumption super convenient.

2. Say no to UV Rays
"I do not step out without my SPF 50 sunscreen", is the dialogue we are all listening to and probably abiding by. So if you and I can, our dogs too can flaunt the shield of the sunscreen to be safe from the ever-harming UV rays! Shade cannot be everywhere, but Pet-Safe sunscreens can be. You can also use Paw-Care creams to heal your pal's cute paws from sun damage.

3. Anytime is not the right time!
It is essential to plan your pet walks, just as much as you plan your daily schedule. Early mornings and late evenings are perfect to walk your dog, as these are comparatively cooler or at the least bearable than the rest of the day. This can help prevent heat strokes and the burning of paws. The protection of paws is as essential as the protection of skin. Using paw-protector boots can act as a protective barrier against scorching surfaces.

Fair to say, why should humans have all the fun? Being a pet parent isn't easy, but with the right tips and tricks, the journey to being a good pet parent gets easier. Making memories and seeing our pawsome mates be as happy as they can be is by far the most heart-warming moment of our lives.