Summer Grooming Tips for your Cat

It’s the peak of Summer! All you want to do is make your feline friend as comfortable as possible. Here are some things you can do to groom your cat that best suits them for this hot season! 


Shaving and Trimming- Try to not shave them completely as their hair acts as a much-needed insulator during both summer and winter seasons. During winter it traps the heat, and in summer, it prevents the heat from hurting the body. Instead, it gives a cooling effect by regulating their body temperature. 


It is best to trim their fur in case they are overgrown, matting, or might have fleas and ticks. You can brush their hair daily and sometimes twice a day in summer to avoid matting. 


Make sure you trim their hair around their paws and clip their nails whenever needed. 


Cleaning- If your kitty isn’t hydrophobic, it’s good to give them a lukewarm bath after a quick brush. This helps deep-clean them and get rid of any extra hair that is close to shedding. Use shampoos designed for them to avoid any irritation or toxicity, in case they lick themselves right after.  


But, if they jump every time you bring them near water, you can use cleaning wipes or dry shampoo. You can brush them right after to ensure they are clean and smell fresh while having no excess hair. 


Use flea sprays to get rid of fleas and ticks which usually increase a lot more in summer due to heat and humidity. 


Diet- Diet plays a crucial role in ensuring your cats don’t shed too much hair as it often increases in summer. A good diet also helps their organs like the Liver and Kidney to not get affected due to the heat. Give them wet food rather than dry food to keep them hydrated. If you are giving them dry food, make sure you give them plenty of cool water to drink with it. Giving them the right supplements rich in zinc, and vitamin E will also aid liver health and reduce toxins absorption.  










Here are some of our preferences to take care of your kittens: 


  1. M-Pets Oval Slicker Brush 
  2. GiGwi Combinated Comb for Dogs and Cats
  3. M-Pets Cat Nail Clipper
  4. Trixie Fur Care Glove wire bristles with tips


  1. Earbath 2-in-1 Conditioning Cat Shampoo Light Wild Cherry
  2. Biogroom Waterless Bath Shampoo
  3. Earbath Earwipes 
  4. Petkin Petwipes 
  5. Whiskas Chicken, Tuna, Carrot in Gravy (1+ years)
  6. Durapet Bowl with Silicon Bonding at the bottom
  7. Pet 360 Omega 3&6 Syrup 
  8. My Beau Cat