Let’s Hydrate Our Furmates!

Summer showed up early this year and took it upon itself to be unforgiving. The only way to keep up with it is to be well-hydrated. It’s equally important to shower our pets with all the love, water, and other things to keep them cool, calm, and comfortable. Here are a few ways you and your fur-mily can survive the season 

Keep Those Bowls Filled
Make sure that your pet’s bowls stay filled. Make sure it is re-filled regularly.
Feel free to throw in some ice cubes, which will help your pet cool off quickly and prevent them from suffering a heat stroke. Don’t depend on just one bowl; fill a couple more so they have plenty of water to quench their thirst without having to work too much for bigger houses!  Check out our website to choose from a fine selection of bowls. After all, they are the pet version of water bottles.

Carry Your Liquids Wherever You Go
Always remember to carry water with you when you step out of the house. If your pet is coming along, do not forget to take their container too. A collapsible bowl that can fit in your bag and quench your fur baby’s thirst on the go, without any hassle is a great option. Sounds convenient?

Feed Them Wet Food
Dry food during summer is quite a bummer. A dry throat and dry food are going to be troublesome for your pet. Opt for wet food to make it easier on them when they swallow. A fun way to keep hydrated is to make shakes or popsicles. After all, pets need as much pampering as humans do! 

Shade Until The Sun Fades
Summer is the perfect excuse to stay outdoors (P.S. only in the mornings or late evenings!) and take advantage of the massive greens waiting to provide you with much-needed shade. Lounging under the tree while your pet rolls around on the grass is a great way to enjoy nature while protecting yourself and your pet from a possible stroke. Guess what? You can plan a sweet picnic date with your pet in a park and we have all the possible things you’ll need to pull it off, from throws to toys to all things pet-friendly, head to our store to make this summer fun, memorable and super chill!