How to Leash Train Your Puppy

Puppies walk quicker and have a curious drive since the world is a huge and new place for them. It allows you to spend quality time with one another, get some much-needed exercise, and even bond like you’ve never done before. While it may seem early, puppies can start to learn leash skills at just four to six weeks old. Surprising, right? It's best to start training a puppy as soon as they are able to because they're like sponges as young animals and are able to absorb more than we realize. 

It takes a few basic obedience commands, getting the right collar and leash, patience, and plenty of repetition to teach your puppy to walk on a leash.

Step 1:  Get your new puppy used to wearing a collar and using a leash. Begin by putting on the collar. Allow them to run about in it. Start with the leash when they've gotten acclimated to the collar. Veterinarians advise against taking your puppy to parks or even down the street until it has had all of its vaccinations. Don't forget to use treats and praise to help it get used to them.

Step 2: Walk your dog around the house. This helps them get used to their leash and collar while they are in a safe environment. Walking with your dog is a great way to help it get used to being on a leash and harness. Taking them for walks around the neighborhood will help your pup learn that wearing these collars isn’t such a big deal.

Step 3: Finding less-busy spots to practice is always a good strategy to reduce the intensity of a walk. Slowing down and making your walks enjoyable for your dog will help them form good connections with items that would otherwise overwhelm them.

If walking is tiring, stressful or even if it isn’t, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek support. If your dog struggles with leash training often times a trainer can be of help by creating a plan specifically for them and you to learn how to master some tricks together without having so much pressure on you in the process!