Healthy oils to add to your dog's diet

As responsible and loving pet owners, we want the best for our furry friends. It starts with excellent nutrition for their well-being. Just like humans, dogs need a diet that provides all the nutrients they need for optimal health. While standard dog food contains many essential nutrients and premium pet food can provide even more nutrients, it is advisable to supplement your dog's diet with healthy and beneficial oils.

Fish Oil 

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is great for helping to ease inflammation in some dogs due to allergies, itchy skin and dandruff  and may even help improve memory. It can also make your doggo’s coats healthier and shinier—and perfect for lots of cuddles.

Flaxseed Oil 

Flaxseed oil can also help with mobility issues for some dogs with arthritis, and may also help with both blood pressure and kidney function. Flaxseed is great as a substitute supplement for fish oil and still helps to reduce inflammation and bring allergy relief to sneezy dogs.

Olive Oil 

Olive oil is ideal for the overall health of dogs as it helps to moisturize the dog's coat, boost immunity, and  prevent and reduce the effects of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Sunflower Oil 

Sunflower Oil is a  wonderful source of omega-6 fatty acids, this supplement helps keep that skin moisturized and boosts energy, plus it can help maintain a healthy heart.

Don’t forget to check with your vet and start small before giving your dog a supplement. Oils especially can disrupt digestion in dogs, and cause vomiting and diarrhea if you give your paw-friend too much too soon.