Essential Supplements To Keep Your Pets Healthy and Glowing This Winter

Just like humans, pets’ nutrient requirements are complicated. Nutritious pet food certainly provides energy for healthy living. However, your pet’s body might need more than just a balanced diet. 

Pet supplements are vital because they replenish the essential nutrients in your pet’s body. 

Are you looking for supplements that can keep your fur pals healthy and glowing this winter? We’ll help out! But before we go ahead…

A Vet’s Opinion Is a Must

In times of information overload, you encounter multiple solutions to one problem. But when it comes to educated care, the first step is to acquire professional opinion. 

Understanding your pet’s body is paramount. When you visit a vet, they assess your pal’s adaptability to new forms of nutrients. Such assessment clarifies what your pet’s body refuses and what it requires.

Once you have acquired that expertise, making the correct choice is much easier.

Essential Supplements That Help

The next step is to analyze your pet's body requirements and pick a product that meets those demands most favorably. Here are winter picks you will find helpful.

Himalaya Furglow

Say goodbye to hair shedding and infections among pets with Himalaya Furglow. 

An oral supplement for nourishing hair, this product integrates the benefits of reduced flakiness and dandruff.

PET 360 Omega 3&6 Syrup

Omega 3 preserves your pets’ brain health and fights against heart or kidney issues.  Omega 6 helps in repairing muscle tissues and maintaining good bone health. Good for metabolism, Pet 360 Omega 3&6 comes with the benefits of both. 

Pet 360 Vital Plus

A classic pet supplement with various nutrients, Pet 360 Vital Plus is an immunity booster. It increases the strength of your pet's bones, repairs muscle tissues, and enhances your pet's skin and fur health.

Virbac Canitone Liver Support Tablets

Virbac Canitone Liver tablets are rich in Zinc, Vitamin E, and Siliphos. They increase the efficiency of repair in liver tissue, optimizing the function of filtering and metabolism among pets.

If your pet is undergoing pregnancy, Virbac’s other products, Nutrich tablets or Canitone tablets, can help you better.

My Beau Bone and Joint

My Beau’s supplement is a fresh doze of fitness. It shields pets against aging issues of bone and muscles and enriches their body-mind balance. 

Helpful in maintaining cognitive abilities and regulating heart and liver proficiency, this product is sure to satisfy.


Ultimately, pick a brand you trust. When it comes to pet care, adequate research and listening to your pets’ bodies go a long way!

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