Essential Cat Supplies for Summer

Summer is here and it’s only getting worse each day and year. It isn’t you who is bearing the wrath of the sun but also your furbabies. Keep reading to know ways for your cats to beat this extreme heat! 


Naptime- Cats, unlike us, sleep for 12-16 hours a day and even more in summer. For this, you want to make sure that their sleep area is as cool as possible. It’s best to have a fan running if an Air Conditioner is not in use. Place cold mats inside their beds and multiple cold water bottles so they can lay on them. For natural ventilation, you can have netted open windows so they don’t escape but still get air. 


Playtime-  Avoid extreme physical activity as your cat will get heated up. Instead, give them ice cubes to chase or use wet towels to stroke them if you finally have them snuggle over you. This way they are not in water which they hate and but still feel cool. 


Have shaded areas in your garden if your kitty likes to play there. Also, make sure that you apply a generous amount of sunscreen on them, especially on the nose and edges of their ears to avoid getting sunburns.


Food and Water- It's a great idea to freeze their canned food like little popsicles as this way get all their essential food in a cool manner. Their soft purr will thank you later. Place cold drinking water in many locations around the house so they can quench their thirst with as little effort as possible.


Grooming- Cats lick themselves a lot more in summer to cool themselves. But it is best to groom them to avoid excess fur which traps heat. Also, check for fleas and ticks which increase in humid conditions. Use tick spray, shampoos, and ear wipes to keep them clean. 


It’s best to know your cat's ideal temperature, which is around 38 degrees celsius. If it crosses 40 degrees or you see any sign of heatstrokes like vomiting, agitation, or rapid breathing; take them to your vet immediately.