Do Cats Experience Winter Gloominess? Essential Tips on Taking Care of Feline in Winters

If you are a cat owner, you would know that seasonal changes bring new challenges for our feline friends. With cats’ proneness to hypothermia and crunched outside time in winter, things can get tricky.

It is natural for a cat parent to worry about the ways in which the cold affects your cat’s moods. But we are here to help!

Do Cats Feel Sad in Winters?

There is no scientific proof that cats feel seasonal depression like humans. However, some of our purr pals can develop lethargy or loss of appetite in the colder months. That usually happens because of changes in routines. 

The adjustments to newer patterns can take some time, especially when cats are staying indoors. Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a leading veterinarian points out that sometimes, an increase in your cats’ sleep can be a result of their lessened interaction with the owners. 

In fact, Ramona Marek, the famous author of cat wellness writings mentions that cats can develop emotions of their owners through ‘contagion’. Simply put, they can take cues from humans’ emotions and reproduce them.

That’s why sometimes you might find your cats’ behavior to be different. As a cat parent, the way to navigate these layers of moods is through active participation in your pet’s life. Here are some tips on how to make your cat feel better.

3 Essential Tips For Taking Care of Cats in Winters

  1. Increase The Play-Time

Providing warm and cozy spots for your cats is only a start. Sometimes, your little friends need active hours of fun games in winter. 

Leave them puzzles or new toys or simply take them for a walk all around the home! Keeping your cats' happy hormones up is a must.

  1. Build a Shelter

While it is difficult for indoor cats to go outside in the cold wind, building the warmest spot on your veranda can do them good. Use some styrofoam or other warm materials and lay out a lounger bed on top. 

Layer it up with our luxurious cat mats, and let your cat snuggle with you in this sweet spot on a sunnier day. If the air is chilly, let our soft pullover keep them warm.

  1. Delicious Treatos 

A survey by the University of Liverpool found that a cat eats 15% less in summers than in winters without an increase in weight. That is why it is advisable for pet owners to ensure a balanced and filling diet for their pets.

Purchase their favorite treatos from us, and serve them with lots of love during the chilly season.


While winters can be tricky, we know you can make it right for your pals! Get them some regular check-ups, give them lots of cuddles, and buy them their favorite food here!