Adopting a cat: Things no one tells you about cat parenting!

You have always adored cats and so you have decided it's time that you bring home a kitty to share your life with. To all you pet owners (and soon-to-be pet owners), this is a perfect opportunity to hit your local shelter and adopt a furry friend! Before taking the plunge, here are some tips all prospective cat parents need to know.

Set Up a Safe Place for Your New Kitty

Before you bring your new kitty home, think about your cat’s particular personality and make sure to choose a set up which will suit him best. It might be smart to take some time off and purchase an area that’s pre-made or it might maybe be more cost effective if you opt for a DIY approach. Think about what your cat needs like food, water, toys , a bed ,and of course his litter box.

Clean the Litter Box Daily

One of the first things you need to consider when bringing a cat into your home is how to set up a litter box . Most cats like privacy, so it’s ideal to get one with a hood. Keeping your new cat’s litter box clean is super important because he may find a different place to go if it’s dirty!

Know What’s in Your Cat’s Food

As a first-time cat owner, one of the most essential decisions you'll make is what food to feed your new cat. Avoid items that contain inexpensive fillers such as beef by-products, maize, and meat meal by reading the ingredient lists carefully.

Find A Veterinarian

 Begin seeking for references from people in your circle who have cats as soon as you know you'll be adopting. As a responsible pet parent, you won’t want to unexpectedly and have to hire someone you don't know to look after your baby. Before making a final decision, read internet evaluations and try to meet each candidate in person.

Your new cat will feel right at home in no time, revealing their distinct personality. Whether you have a lap cat who craves attention or a more reserved and stoic feline, they'll find a variety of methods to express their affection for you.