5 outdoor activities for pets in summer


It's getting hot inside the house, so it's time for you and your pet to ditch that couch and enjoy great summer outdoor activities. No, we are not talking about daily walks. Instead, there are other joyful activities in our list below that you can try out with your furry little ones.


Swimming or Water play


Since it's summertime, this has to be a preferable one. You can find some pet-friendly pools in your community where you can enjoy swimming with your pet. Your furry friends will love splashing and playing with cats' and dogs' accessories in water. However, remember to follow water safety measures to avoid any mishap.


Plan a Picnic


Yes, there have been several pet-friendly cafes and restaurants opening up nowadays, but why not try a picnic instead to enjoy the summer outdoors. Get hold of a Skipper & Bingo Luxury Dog/Cat Mat to roll on, pet foods and a treat for yourself. Have a playful day outside so they can go for a quick nap while it's time for you to eat.


Scent Hunting


Scent work is an enjoyable outdoor activity that you can try. It's mostly for pups and dogs. The activity requires them to sniff some dog food, Awesome Pawsome healthy treats or items that you need to hide in your backyard or a park. Start with easy spots to boost their confidence. Your dog will have a fun time sniffing for these goodies. 




You will need a trailer for your bicycle. If you don't have it, you can easily attach one by a mechanic. Go slow at first so that your pet is not startled by this new experience. Moreover, they should not jump out, so keep the trailer secured.

If you have an active dog, they may even enjoy running by your side as you hit your bike's pedal. Keep an appropriate leash such as Trixie Premium Leash - Fushia to keep your dog safe throughout the ride.


Bubble Fun


Try bubbles when you are a bit tired but need to keep up with your pet's excitement. A pot of bubbles can bring curiosity and joy to your furry friends. They will jump around the bubbles and play with them happily. 


Make summertime fun for yourself and your pets with these outdoor activities.

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